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Professional Reptile Snake Catcher Stick, for the big snake or small snakes. Comes in 5 lengths 24 in 40 in 50 in 60 in & 72 in, very effective and easy to use.

Rattlesnake Catcher Stick



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If you send us your pictures or videos of you catching snakes with our stick we will put it on our website


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Murrieta CA 92562

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Fred Palacios

Texas 5 foot Rattlesnake
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Mannie Van Rijswijk
SCB - 40"
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A small
Australian Carpet Python
Kirk Herbeck
HD - 52"
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Rat Snake

 Good -   Standard Comes in 4 sizes  24", 40", 50" and 60"
For Small to Medium Snakes
(30 Day Warranty)

Pretty girl catching a snake with the snake catcher stick Catching a snake with the snake catcher stick
Tip of snake catcher stick
Spring loaded hooked end keeps snake from getting away
Snake catcher stick
Comes apart in the center for easy storage.
40", 50" & 60" only
(24" does not come apart)
Handdle of snake catcher stick
Squeeze handle clamp and hold snake safely.
SCS-24 24" (1 piece) $24.95 + $9.00 Shipping
SCS-40 40" (2 piece) $34.95 + $11.00 Shipping
SCS-50 50" (2 piece) $37.95 + $11.00 Shipping
SCS-60 60" (2 piece) - Out of Stock $40.95 + $11.00 Shipping

Wider Tip

The Standard - Kinder, Gentler, Snake Stick Comes in 3 sizes
For Small to Medium Snakes
(30 Day Warranty)

Same as above but with wider caching mouth that puts less stress/pressure on the snake.

There have been some reports that some people in their excitement of the catch have squeezed to hard on the handle thus hurting the snake.  This is alright if your intent is to destroy the snake, but some just want to move the snake and do not want to hurt it.
So now we have the wide tip Kinder, Gentler, Snake Stick


SCB-40 40" (2 piece) $39.95 + $11.00 Shipping
SCB-50 50" (2 piece)

$42.95 + $11.00 Shipping

SCB-60 60" (2 piece) - Out of Stock $45.95 + $11.00 Shipping


The Best 
There is No Better Snake Stick On The Market !

Best  -  Extra Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Comes in 5 sizes  -  40", 52", 60" and 72"
For Small, Medium and Large Snakes
Life Time Warranty
If it breaks for any reason send it back for a Free replacement

Extra Heavy Duty
Made with Stainless Steel and aircraft Aluminum - 30% Thicker Then The Standard Model
Made With The New Stainless Steel Stronger Connector

(For That Really Big Snake and Heavy Use)

EXHD - Snake Stick Is Shipped  In Two Pieces

The New Maintenance and Breakage Free Connector

The New Stronger Connector Connected

The EXHD-SCS-60" Just Snagged This 5 foot Rattlesnake - ( click for more pictures )

Hi I'm John and I have been selling Snake Sticks for over 14 years.  And in that time I have discovered what works and what does not.  In the beginning I had only the Standard model.  I learned it was good for the home owner that keeps the stick in his garage and goes after a small to medium size snake (Not over two feet) maybe once a year.  But would not hold up to taking it in the woods and actively hunting and catching snakes.

So about 3 years later I developed the Heavy Duty model this was great improvement it held up to the outdoors and could handle the bigger snakes. It also did well with the snake hunt plus it took the abuse of being thrown about in the back of trucks.  But the 2 piece still had a problem with the connector it had a 5% failure rate.  The connector was good and strong, it was when the owner reassembled the stick, they did not push the two tubes together inside the connector.  That gap caused the connector to fail under pressure. 
We have discontinued that model.

Now I have the NEW EXTRA HEAVY DUTY line.  I am so proud of this snake stick I have given it a lifetime Warranty.
And It comes with:
The New Stainless Steel Tube and Connector, Stronger Return Spring, Stronger Cable, Aircraft Aluminum Jaw and Handle.  This stick is made to last a life time and is strong enough to get that really big snake.


EXHD-SCS-401 40" (one piece) $49.95 + $11.00 Shipping
EXHD-SCS-40 40" (2 piece) $53.95 + $11.00 Shipping

Kinder, Gentler - Wide Tip

40" (one piece) $54.95 + $11.00 Shipping

Kinder, Gentler - Wide Tip

40" (2 piece) $58.95 + $11.00 Shipping
EXHD-SCS-521 52" (one piece)
(This item can not be shipped over seas, it's to long most countries have a maximum package length of 48")
$57.95 + $11.00 Shipping
EXHD-SCS-52 52" (2 piece)

$57.95 + $11.00 Shipping

EXHD-SCS-60 60" (2 piece) $61.95 + $11.00 Shipping
EXHD-SCS-72 72" (2 piece) (6 foot) $65.95 + $11.00 Shipping

The EXHD Model Will Take On Just About Any Size Snake


The Snake Hooks
Come In 3 Sizes

SCH-12 12" $11.95  +  $6.00 Shipping
SCH-18 18" $15.95  +  $8.00 Shipping
SCH-40 40" $24.95 + $11.00 Shipping




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